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Beauty and wellness in another industry which is benefitting from the advancement in the technology. The advent of beauty and wellness app has been a great change and has gained massive prominence since the top beauty and wellness startups and brands are rising in the market. The IoT and AI are redefining the industry with some innovative facts.
The beauty and wellness are the basic needs of everyone today. Everyone wants to look beautiful and stylish. In the fast-paced world, people do not want to wait at the salons for their makeovers, they want everything in the comfort of their homes and that can be done through beauty and wellness mobile app. Coruscate has an expertise in building all the on-demand apps with extraordinary user-interface and unique features.

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Market Analysis

In recent years, customers have spent a higher level of disposable income on cosmetics than they had in the past. Generation Y has been a big driver of the cosmetic market, especially in the US. The cosmetic market at the US is said to have generated a revenue of 62.46 billion dollars.
The recent developments show that cosmetic companies are focusing on product innovations to attract customers and keep them loyal.
It is not surprising that the global beauty industry is currently enjoying a 5% growth. Asia- Pacific alone is expected to yield $6.6 billion in revenue from the years 2016-2021. The industry is expected to become a trillion dollar industry very soon. Also, due to the evolving demands of the customers, the beauticians are trying to reach them through mobile applications.

Types of Beauty on-demand apps that you can consider as a startup or a Professional

  1. Beauty Salon Mobile App Development
  2. Wellness Mobile App Development
  3. Beauty And Hair Salon Solution
  4. Hair & Beauty Products Selling Mobile App Development
  5. Beauty and Wellness Application Development
  6. Complete Beauty and Wellness Solutions
  7. Hire Beauty Professional App Development
  8. Appointment Booking Application Development

Features that should be included for On-Demand Beauty service app:

  • Sign-up with Information

    Personalize the app to match customer preferences and improve your services accordingly. A questionnaire around sign-up time helps. For example, you want to know more about their skin type, the type of services they generally avail, the kind of facial services they have taken in the past, the frequency of the services, etc.

  • Make scheduling easy

    Allow the users to select the services available at their location at the time of their convenience. You can give the cost of the particular service at the end of their selection, and then select a personal beautician or salon specialist to perform the job for them. You can send them the details via message or WhatsApp

  • Chats through the App

    If there are some custom needs posed by the user or, there is a specification that they need to mention to the specialist attending to the services, the user should be able to communicate the same. This is why you need an in-app chat facility wherein the user can directly connect with the salon specialist.

  • Advanced Search Options

    The user should be able to search for a particular specialist or service on the app. You should make the search easy and well facilitated. Allow them to even search based on the location if needed

  • Track through the App

    It is important to be able to track the location of the specialist or the hair stylist through the app. The real-time tracking tells you when the specialist will reach you. It is an important consideration.

  • Review and Ratings

    The reviews and rating feature gives you an insight into the positive and negative feedbacks given to the specialist, and will help you know how good or bad they are. This is an important consideration when developing the beauty app.

  • Payments via Different Methods

    The user should be able to make payments through the app for the services availed. The integration of various payment methods includes wallets, credit/debit cards, net banking as well as cash at the time of service. This will help ease the payment situation for the user.

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